Add-On Boiler

What features should a homeowner look for in a Solid Fuel Burning Furnace or Boiler?

They should include large Firebox Capacity, Large Ash pit, Heavy duty construction, Rugged grate system and Truthful ratings just to name a few.

If you are looking for units with these features plus many more... take a look at LOGWOOD.

We build our units for the serious solid fuel burner. We provide quality workmanship with years of experience building solid fuel central heating equipment. The LOGWOOD line includes wood, coal and combination FURNACES and BOILERS with models ranging from 50,000-175,000 BTU'S on 8-12 Hour firings. These are real wood or coal burning units with real outputs, not a one size fits all.

So this year invest in a LOGWOOD furnace or boiler. They are built to last. Contact your nearest distributor today for more details.


The Central heating Boiler heats water and then circulates through pipes to baseboard or radiators in the various rooms of your home.

Large Fuel Capacity


The central heating furnace forces hot air through ducts to heat the various rooms of your home.

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