(wood only)

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  • Automatic Switch-over Solid fuel to oil
  • Solid fuel and Oil thermostatically
  • Secondary Heat Exchanger
  • Secondary Air Port on Coal
    units for safe Combustion of gases
  • Large Fuel Capacity
  • Positive Draft Control for Greater
  • Extra Heavy Cast Iron Grates
    For Long Life
  • Extra long Flame Travel for
    Increased Efficiency
  • Quiet Efficient Flame Retention
  • Hinged Ash Pit Door
  • Oil Burner Target Brick Enclosed
    in Stainless Steel Screen Cage
  • 5-year "limited Warranty"

The LOGWOOD Furnace allows the homeowner two options in heating: the exclusive use of solid fuel as a primary source of heat with oil as a back up system.

Two points of major concern to the buyer. The first is the quantity of solid fuel required to heat, and second, the frequency of firings. Due to its large firebox capacity, the LOGWOOD requires only minimum attention from its owner. Normally, the unit will require charging on a 8 to 12 hour cycle.

One ton of coal burned in an efficient furnace will approximate the BTU value of one full cord sugar maple or 150 gallons of fuel oil.

For efficiency in heat output, it is imperative that the furnace be designed to have an efficient method of extracting heat from the fuel. The LOGWOOD is designed to burn the gases released from the burning coal and with our secondary heat exchanger more heat can be extracted when burning coal, wood or oil. This secondary heat exchanger is a major area of heating surface and is made to be bypassed on mild days or when loading with fuel.

Safety tested an Independent Testing Laboratory to the following standards: UL391, CSA B366.1, and ETLM 78-1.


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